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Hey world,

We're sisters passionate about loving people, creating beautiful pieces, and sharing the positive power of words. That's why we started Written Hand Co.

Our hope is to use words in a way that spark beauty, express your creativity and reflect the uniqueness of you.

Whether it's a special occasion, your special day or for a special someone, Written Hand Co. has that perfect 'something' for everyone.

Read below to get to know us!



The older sister ;)


I am on staff with Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the University of Denver. I am a lover of Jesus who strives to make him known using the platform of athletics. Though I love sports, I also love to write. What started as doodling in college grew to become an outlet to express greater creativity and an unseen beauty of what the Lord was teaching my heart and mind.

I am a coffee lover and a chaser of the sun. My best self is found in warmer weather with a coffee in hand and my family by my side.

Kaitlin Shea Headshots | July 2020-096.j


The younger sister :)


I am a recent college graduate from the University of Northern Colorado where I earned my Bachelor's in Tourism and Hospitality. I'm living my dreams of living with my sister in Denver, working part time as a wedding planner, and getting to be creative through hand lettering!

The best book I have ever read is the Bible, and I find it best paired with a cup of coffee and good friends by your side.

I love exploring coffee shops, planning + decorating weddings, and spending time with my family.

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